Sunday, May 3, 2009


So yesterday was prom and it was honestly one of the best days of my life! Definitely the best dance i have ever been to! I went with Casey and we just had a blast!! First we went to his nephew's baptism in west jordan and that was really fun with all his little nieces and nephews and family. Then we drove back and headed straigh to Discovery Park. It had been raining all night and all morning so all the grass was flooded and the baseball diamonds were pure mud! So we played in it! Oh my goodness it was so so much fun! At first i didn't think i was going to get that dirty untill Casey came and picked me up and threw me into the mud! Then it was on and before we knew it we were covered! Then we went to my friend Josh's house, rinsed off in his shower, and went swimming in his 98 degree pool! It felt so so good!! We took a bunch of underwater pictures and then the girls talked while the guys played an intense game of water basketball. Then we went to Jared's house for a bbq which was so so yummy! Made entirely by the guys! I was impressed! And then home to get ready!! I absolutely loved my dress! Made me feel so so pretty! And holy jamoly did Casey look amazing in his all white tux! Couldn't keep my eyes off him!! We went to Outback for dinner and that was just so yummy! And then off to the dance! I had so so much fun! Casey is so fun to be with and is a complete gentleman!! :) We danced and danced and just had an amazing night!! I wouldn't have rather gone with anyone else! He made yesterday just magical! :)


Jamie said...

Wow Sky...looks like you had an AWESOME night and yes, you looked so BEAUTIFUL! I am glad that you guys found enjoyment for not a HUGELY high price (other than the dress, of course *wink*), that is the way it should be!!!!

BTW, isn't that first photo a little risky to post on your blog....hmmmmmm? LOL, kidding.

Love ya!

Misty said...

You looked really pretty! I love the dress. Looks like a fun day.

Kellie said...

Way cute! Dude the mud looks like so much fun. I need to do that with my kids! Your dress was sooooo pretty, you two looked so good!