Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another longer..

First... Congratulations to our amazing football team! On Thursday we played Lehi for our last region game and it was pretty much a shut out. WE WON REGION! All of our guys were so happy and excited! I can't wait for all our playoff games! Our first one is this friday on Halloween. We play Brighton which is a team we already played and beat. The drill team is performing but i have no idea what we are doing for it hahaha.

Drill is really kicking my butt right now haha. We have been working on our stunts in military and I don't think i have ever been so sore! My arms kill so bad but i can already see the muscle building :) November is going to be the month from you know where for us. We are learning a whole new dance, finishing another one, and cleaning those and two more in one month. Talk about stress! Also, this week the drill team goes off candy, fast food, and carbonation. Yeah... i better lose some pounds! I can't wait cuz all of our hard work will pay off at that first competition. :)

Friday night was a really fun night. We didn't have a game cuz it was on thursday so i went home and took a shower. Then me and Kinzelli went to my sister's house and babysat my nieces and nephews. Then, because our boys were at a leadership thing for student council, me and her went to Brick oven for dinner. That was so so so much fun! We then drove around forever and a day not knowing what to do. We ended up just going to her house and taking a bunch of funny and random pictures. It was so so much fun! We realized that night that we are like the same person! We have the same personalities and do alot of the same things. I love her to death!!!

Yesterday was a really fun day too. I got up and went to get pumpkins with my dad and brother. We had to get 30 of them. Then we had Gandolfos for breakfast! yummmmmy!!!! :) We got home and Taz and Dad headed over to the BYU game while i got ready. Kenzie had invited me to go with her and her parents. That was so much fun! We sat in front of the box with alot of the general authorities in it. I saw Perry and Nelson. The game was a really good game and of course we won!:) After me and Kenzie went to her house to get her car then me, her, tony, and casey went over to casey's house and watched the HULK. It was a way good movie! Haha it was so much fun! We were all having pillow fights and popcorn fights... I love being with them so so much! Me and kenz left and got ready for the Tri-school halloween dance at our school. We wore jus the usual football player look, picked up jacee and went to the dance. There were sooooo many people there! It was so much fun! Especially with all the friends i was with. Andrew was there... i tried to ignore him. I had a great time just dancing with the girls and having a great time! What a day! :)

Today mom taught the lesson in relief society. Of course she did great... she always does but i think this was one of her best lessons. I think she made alot of things clear on what we should be doing and how to strenghthen our families. I love her so much and i know she is truly inspired of god. She has her hip replacement tomorrow and i think its going to go just fine. Im glad shes getting this done. I love her so much and i can't wait till she gets all better :)

Oh one other thing... haha i chopped my hair. I love it though. It is so so easy to take care of and i just love it! :)

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Jamie said...

Geez Sky...slacking BIG TIME on the blog thing, I am glad that you finally got around to it though! I LOVE your hair...very cute on you! I am glad that things are looking up for you, I truly believe you are being blessed with such great NEW friends because you held to your beliefs and didn't give into the *peer pressure* of others, I am so proud of you! LO-LU PIECES! MUAH!